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Mini Brads

Mini Brads

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These adorable teeny tiny little mini brads are just 1/16"! They come in 10 different colors. And the color packs are graduated. They have an assortment of light to dark colors. For example: the graduated blues have light blue, medium blue and dark blue.
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Make Your Own 3D Tunnel Book!

Tired of the same old crafting activities for your kids?

Are you frustrated and tired of giving the same old science and craft kits as a gift that 3 other moms have given your kids? Only to spend hours searching online and in stores for something unique and finding NOTHING?!ย 

Are you tired of crafts that keep your kids entertained and interested for 15 minutes and then leave your kids bored and begging for tech?! :(

Don't settle for the same old cheap craft kits only to have them keep your kids engaged for 15 minutes and then fall apart!

Well, look no further! We have got you covered! LOL!

You've found the perfect gift!ย 

Introducing the 3D Tunnel Book Craft Kit! This totally new and unique craft kit comes with everything included to make a really cool 3D book with pose-able creatures that will keep your kids busy for hours -or even days! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

This DIY craft kit is designed to make a cool-looking book with a hole through the pages. And it includes movable animals and characters your kids can play with and make up stories about!

The pieces are precut. Just pop them out.ย  Put them together with the supplied mini brads. And stick them on the pages with the included double-sided foam tape.ย  And you have a cool-looking 3D Tunnel Book!

Paint the pages and characters with the vibrant 16 watercolors that come included. And add doodling and details with the iridescent silver, gold, and white paint pens!ย 

Add your own thoughts, notes, or stories to your one-of-a-kind amazing 3D Tunnel Book! It's the coolest journal you've ever seen!ย 

The 3D Tunnel Book is also great to take on vacation to the beach or the mountains. As it offers hours of screen-free creativity! ย Work together. Your finished 3D Tunnel Book is a fun-filled memory and experience on vacation!

And when your book is finished you can even use it to animate your story! Play with the posible designs. Or even make a stop-motion animation with it!!!

Give this 3D Tunnel Book craft kit to your grandchild, child, or friend. The 3D Tunnel Book comes with everything you need included and makes a unique gift!ย 

With our amazing 3D Tunnel Book Craft Kits you'll not only create a breathtaking piece of art but also forge unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

Add your favorite 3D Tunnel Book craft kits to your cart today!ย ย 

I Can't WAIT to see what YOU Make! - Erin

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