How Do the 3D Tunnel Book Work?

Everything Included

Your Deluxe 3D Tunnel Books comes with everything you need right in the box to make a unique 3D Book!

Thick Sturdy Paper & Pages

The 3D Tunnel Book pages and and characters are made from thick study cardstock. (500 gsm!)

Hours of Screen Free Crafting

Make you oven book. Paint, draw and doodle on the pages. Assemble and pose your characters. Add your own story, poem or research. The 3D Tunnel Book offers hours of screen free entertainment and creativity!

STEAM activity

Add the A for Art into STEM! The 3D Tunnel Book is a great STEAM based activity.

Make Stop Motion Animation! :)

Use yoru finished 3D Tunnel Book and the jointed posable animals to make stop motion animation! The characters in the Deluxe size 3D Tunnel books are jointed and move! Use these articulated paper animals to continue the creativity by making a stop motion animation of yoru 3D Tunnel Book!

Travel Friendly

Take your 3D Tunnel Book with you on vacation! Not only does this DIY book offer hours of enteratinment, and come with everything included, But you can also store all yoru supplies in the study recloseable box an d take it with you!